The overarching aim of METAVISION is to set up a doctoral network to advance the field of innovative lightweight noise and vibration solutions and react to the challenges stemming from reconciling economic and ecological requirements with the need to deliver healthy and comfortable environments.

The two main objectives of METAVISION are:

  1. Training programme: Establishing a Europe-wide training programme on innovative metamaterial concepts for noise and vibration reduction complemented with carefully selected transferrable skills courses which will bring forth highly qualified professionals with state-of-the-art academic knowledge, understanding of application needs and interpersonal skills, ready to take on future industrial and societal challenges in the field.
  2. Research programme: Launching an innovative research programme answering research questions related to innovative and future material concepts for improved noise and vibration reduction that concerns the following 3 science and technology sub-objectives:
    1. Development of new models and methods for the design and analysis of metamaterials which allow broadening their performance and applicability.
    2. Revolutionizing the manufacturing of metamaterials, by leveraging upon advanced production techniques, to take the step from ad-hoc prototypes towards large-scale and versatile metamaterial realizations.
    3. Advancing academically proven metamaterial concepts to industrially relevant applications to demonstrate their integration and implementation potential as robust and broadly applicable engineering solution.

Doing so, METAVISION clusters knowledge and research activities in the interdisciplinary field linking design, manufacturing, and integration to roll out innovative metamaterial solutions in European industry.

With 7 beneficiaries and 7 associated partners, from 6 EU countries, the METAVISION consortium is a balanced team from academia and industry. METAVISION brings together leading universities, top research institutes and major industry actors. Together, the 14 METAVISION participants enable addressing the triple-I dimension of research training, promoting intersectoral cooperation, international mobility, and inter- disciplinary training. The DCs will receive experienced research supervision with highly focused industrial guidance by some of the best people Europe has to offer in the field of novel material concepts for noise and vibration reduction. METAVISION will thereby deliver excellent career perspectives to highly educated noise and vibration control specialists by equipping them with an extensive combination of skills, as well as by international, interdisciplinary and intersectoral experience.