Second METAVISION event in Zürich

The second METAVISION event took place on 18-22 March 2024. It combined the second training school, the first Internal Technical Workshop and the mid-term check.

First Training School in Valencia

The first METAVISION training school took place on 13-17 November 2023

Kick-off meeting in Leuven

The METAVISION kick-off meeting took place on 6-7 March 2023

About Us

METAVISION is an international consortium formed by 7 beneficiaries combining high-profile universities, top research institutions and leading companies as well as 7 partner organisations established in Europe.

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Project Objectives

METAVISION will support the Doctoral Candidates (DCs) as they advance the field of innovative lightweight noise and vibration solutions and react to the challenges stemming from reconciling economic and ecological requirements with the need to deliver healthy and comfortable environments.

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DCs & Workpackages

METAVISION is divided into 4 workpackages which are conducted by 11 DCs.

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Second METAVISION event

By Lucas Van Belle | 25/03/2024

Last week, 18-22 March 2024, the second METAVISION event took place. This event consisted of the second training school, including the topics Standardized measurement of sound transmission & absorption characteristics, Data Management and Open Science and Gender/Diversity awareness. During this week, the DCs got to know the beneficiaries and introduced themselves during the first Internal Technical…

Second METAVISION event at EMPA

By Lucas Van Belle | 12/03/2024

On 18-22 March 2024, the second METAVISION training school will take place at EMPA in Zürich, Switzerland. This combined technical-transferable training school covers the topics of Standardized measurements of sound transmission & absorption characteristics, Data Management and Open Science, and Gender/diversity awareness. This training school will be combined with the first internal Technical Workshop, a…

First METAVISION training school

By Lucas Van Belle | 15/12/2023

On 13-17 November 2023, the Training School on Acoustic & Elastic (Meta)-Materials took place at UPV in Valencia. The 5 days training school provided a common theoretical basis for researchers and engineers working on acoustic and elastic structured materials. This training school was offered primarily to DN METAVISION doctoral candidates, but was also open to…

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