4th Symposium on Acoustic Metamaterials

Last week, 15-18 May 2024, METAVISION was represented at the 4th Symposium on Acoustic Metamaterials event which took place in Aegina, Greece, and which was organized by the Young Researchers in Acoustic Metamaterials (YRAM) network. This Symposium is mainly dedicated to Ph.D. students and Early Career Investigators and aims at sharing new advances and breakthroughs as well as fostering the community of young researchers in the field of acoustic metamaterials.

During this event, the DCs Line Mardini and Noman Ahsan presented their work in the Phononic crystals and Metamaterials for sound insulation sessions. Furthermore, DCs Alara Karaman, Jiahua Zhang and Juan Pablo Escudero attended this event. This was an excellent opportunity for the DCs to share and learn more about the new trends in different topics related to metamaterials.



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